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Name: Maiola
Age: 20
Hair: pale brown 
Eyes: red 
Gender: male 
Region: Alola 
Likes: traveling, training/sparing with his Pokemon, mysteries of the past, 
Dislikes: Pokemon being mistreated and abused by criminals or there trainers, aloln rattata, aloln Raticate, beedrill 
Wardrobe: long brownish red coat, gray t-shirt, camouflage cargo pants, black boots, his MBZ (a sword with a key stone in the garde and a slot for z crystals.) on the back side of his hips.
Type preference: fire, steel, psychic, ghost, dragon, and normal. In truth he'll use all types.
Background: Upon his first year of his adventure he took on the island trials and was offered to be a trial captain but declined the offer so that he explore the world. As he traveled he learned about mega evolution he went to find a craftsman that made display and ceremonial swords so that Maiola could have a sword that would allow him to utilize mega evolution and z moves. Another skill Maiola acquired was the ability to use aura to which he divines his surroundings, read the emotions of Pokemon, or for offensive/defensive use, (offensive for attacking with his sword by sharpening the blade or fists for grater impact, defensively by creating barriers) however Maiola was told that his aura was good enough for him to become an aura guardian and was offered formal training but declined the offer and trained himself as he traveled.
Personality:Maiola is a little unorthodox on how he trains his Pokemon by being there sparing partner. Maiola is also compassionate and respectful to Pokemon however if he sees a trainer with little care for there pokemon and will punch the trainer only to challenge them to a battle and to show that proper care for your pokemon can go a long way. Maiola will often take a path that is less traveled or that is of greater challenge, except in pokemon battles where he looks for best solution. 



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Flasc Ludieer
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United States
I basically do simple things. Once in a whial I come up with somthing new. I like to find inspration in the strangest places and things.

The reason I joined deviantart is to hear what people thought of my art.


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